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well chums, I think it's time we laid down some rules and stuff.

first off, I'd love to hear all your suggestions on what to choose as our first book. also, I'd like some input as to how often we read a book. monthly, bi-monthly, whatever. we should set a date by when to finish each book, but feel free to post whatever you think or any questions or points you want to bring up in the interval.
one of the most important rules of this club is that should a new harry potter book ever come out, we will drop whatever we are reading, and read that.
Jen, since you have a paid account I'd like you to help me by conducting those nifty polls so we can decide which book to read first. everyone post a suggestion or concur with someone else's suggestion, and then ms. Jen, if you please, make one of those cute polls so we can decide.
so far the suggestions stand as:
me--villa incognito by tom robbins
eitan--jesus' son by some guy I can't remember.

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